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Services:Immigration  Visa  Translation and Interpretation 

Express Entry  
Yes Yes! We understand the change of the new Canadian immigration system makes you confused, and we are here to help. Do you want to get some ideas whether you are qualified for a certain program and how you can sucessfully get in the pool and get high chances to be selected as a permanent resident in Canda? Just simply fill out a questionnaire on our webiste or send out a resume to our email address, and you will know all shortly. It is a free evaluation. Save your time and get started to plan your next move. 
 Regular Work Permit
Canada welcomes foreign workers, but at the same time sets differnt limitations. You may need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before you can work in Canda legally. In some cases, Your position is LMIA excempt. You may have already hold a valid work permit, but have many questions regarding its limitations and have concerns about your immigration path. Why not contact us and receive some useful information?
If you really care about your spouse/common-law partner, your children, and your family, you should not let them wait too long to reunite with you in Canada. The processing time is longer than before, and the preparation is more complicated. That is why you should seek professionals to help with an impeccable application. Other than that, you deserve to be guided about any important tips during the interview. Unless you are 100% sure you can DIY well, get a professional you can trust to help. You may also consider about super visas for your parents/grandparents.
Open Work Permit 
Differnt from regular Work Permit tied to specific employer, Open Work Permit allows foreign workers to work for any employers in Canada. The application process is faster and easier than the regular Work Permit...But...You have to be qualified first! Do not only think about yourself; your spouse or common-law partner may want to work or study in Canada as well.  Please let us know your status in Canada and we will tell you more. 
Study Permit 
It is exiciting to study in Canada to upgrade your academic knowledge and practical skills. But you may have no clue how you can be accepted by your dream school, how to transfer credits, how to graduate on time while your language level is a concern, and how to get chances to immigrate in Canada after graduation. Also you should be aware of your validation of your study permit. It could be shorter than you expect, or expires before you notice it. You may want to invite your family to visit you during your study. If you have any concerns about the above, we can help! 
BC Province provides great opportunities for skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, international graduates, and entrepreneurs to settle down in this beautify place. The BC PNP has launched the Express Entry BC stream to attract more qualifed applicants. Are you one of them?Do you want to live in BC? We are ready to discuss with you about your plans.
Pathway: Visitor
to Student
Do you know the new regulations now allow Visitor to apply for study permit within Canada? Do you know what it means? It is a convenient way for you to study in Canada. Also, you can take this advantage to save time and money, and this way may increase your chance to study in your ideal school. If you plan to do a short-term study, you do not even need a study permit. We understand your mind, and we may even help you get something you think you cannot, but please contact us first. 
Pathway: Student
to Immigrant 
Canada welcomes international students to apply for immigration after they graduate in Canada. Some need to have job offer/work experience, while some need not. They can choose which provinces they want to live permanently through PNP programs, and they can apply for Canadian Experience Class through Express Entry. It is wise to always plan ahead. We are familiar with school systems of Canada and we will be happy to help you choose the best one which fits you and your immigration plan in the future.
PR card & Citizenship 
You should be proud of being a permanent resident or Canadian citizen. However, you may still need us. If you are a PR, do you have any concerns about your permanent residency obligations and how to maintain your PR status, or how to renounce your PR status? If you want to become a Canadian citizen, do you know how to apply for citizenship application, how to pass the English test, or how to fill out residence questionnaire? What if you lost the landing paper or passport? If you have problems, we have solutions. 


Besides providing professional immigration and citizenship consultation, we also provide a variety of services. We understand how much you have to worry about after landing in Canada, and we do our best to help!


* Translation documentation including passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate, transcript, etc.

*Travelling visas including US, Schengen, UK, etc.

* Taking an affidavit, Statutory Declaration 

* Name change for Adult or children

* Citizenship English language training 

* Medical Services Plan (MSP), Premium Assistance, Child Tax Benefit (CCTB),    Employment Insurance (EI)

* Search of Citizenship records, Canadian Passport, Access to Information and personal information request

* And MORE! Please contact us.

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